Plastic Welding Repairs
you'll be surprised by the savings

You will be surprised what we can fix and how much you can save by repairing instead of replacing.

Repairing plastic items is much more environmentally friendly than replacing them.

help the environment, repair broken plastics

With Smartfix you don't have to replace expensive plastic parts due to cracking, splitting or damage. Our cost-effective repair can be carried out using our specialist plastic welding techniques.

Once our system has been used, a plastic welded item is VERY strong and is far stronger than glue, adhesive, fibreglass or bonding.

mobile repair service

We can carry out our work at a place and a time to suit you, saving you time and money.

If you are a long way outside our service area and your damaged item is suitable for sending by post or courier then this should be possible.

Contact us today to see how easy it is for us to fix the damage.

We repair broken, split and cracked plastics in the automotive, industrial, insurance, agricultural, construction, marine and domestic sectors.

we can fabricate new plastic items

We can also fabricate plastic items to your design. Replacing rusty or heavy metal parts with plastic fabrications can often be beneficial.

Click on the link below to see examples of plastic welding repairs and fabrications we have carried out recently.

Click here to see our Recent Plastic Welding Repairs

Please read this if you are looking for car interior trim repairs

If you need a vehicle interior trim repair then the solution is a Smart Trim Repair and not Plastic Welding. Very rarely do we use plastic welding to repair interior trim damage, we use our Smart Trim Repair systems.

We do use plastic welding on the vehicle exterior for bumpers and door mirror casings but not generally inside the vehicle.

So if you are looking at this page for repairs to your vehicle interior trim you should be looking at our Smart Trim Repair section.

what plastic welding repairs do we do

we weld damaged bike fairings let us fix your broken plastics we repair tractor diesel fuel tanks