Frequently Asked Questions

what are smart repairs

What are Smart Repairs?

SMART Repair is an abbreviation for Small Area Repair Technique.

What type of Smart Repairs do you do?

as used in the motor trade

We specialise in smart repairs to vehicle interior and exterior trims as listed below.

  • Dashboards, door panels, steering wheels and plastic/vinyl trim.
  • Worn, cracked and scratched leather and vinyl seats.
  • Cigarette burns in fabric & leather seats, door panels, head linings and carpets.
  • Cracked & scuffed textured bumpers, door mirrors and mouldings.

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25 years experience in smart repairs

How long have you been in this business?

We have been in the smart repair and plastic welding business for 25 years now, starting as a Trimline Systems franchisee in 1995. Prior to this we had 21 years experience in the plastics processing industry.

Can you repair rips in fabric and leather seats?

We don't generally use smart repairs for rips (only on older vehicles) but we can recommend an excellent local car trimmer for this type of repair.

mobile repair service

Do you operate a mobile repair service?

We do operate a mobile repair service within our service area, please see our Service Area page for details.
If you are a considerable distance outside our service area then certain plastic welding repairs could be sent to us for repair by post or courier. Once the repairs are complete we will return them to you in their original packaging.

plastic welding specialist

Do you weld plastics?

We specialise in plastic welding repairs to car bumpers, door mirrors, headlamps and motorcycle fairings etc. Car interior trim repairs are more suited to smart trim repairs and are not usually plastic welded.
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We also regularly fix broken, split and cracked plastics in the industrial, insurance, agricultural, construction, marine and domestic sectors e.g. diesel fuel and water tanks, householdwe can fabricate new plastic items items, farm, garden and industrial machinery.

We can also fabricate items in plastics to customer's design e.g. gutter angles, specially shaped boxes and containers.
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Can all plastics be welded?

There are two types of plastics i.e. thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics will melt when heated but thermosets will not. Melting is essential for plastic welding so only thermoplastics can be welded.

Most modern everyday plastics are usually thermoplastics and can be welded. Any plastics which operate at an elevated temperature (e.g. plastic parts on a car radiator) are normally thermosets, because they wont melt or distort, so this type of plastic can't be welded.

However, many thermoplastic materials are cross-linked during the manufacture of mouldings and this makes them behave like a thermoset. This means they can't be repaired by plastic welding. Examples of cross-linked thermoplastic polyethylene products are canoes, boats, kayaks and some plastic fuel tanks.

I've got some damaged trim in my car, can you tell me if you can fix it and how much will it cost?

If you are in our service area and you could email us some clear digital pictures of the problem we will let you know by return if a repair is possible and give you an estimated cost. See Contact Us for details.

Do you repair cracked and broken motorcycle fairings and can you paint them?

we weld damaged bike fairings

We regularly repair bike fairings ranging from a single crack to badly broken panels and fixing lugs.

We don't offer a painting service as our expertise is in plastic welding. Therefore you will be able to see the high standard of our repairs before any refinishing materials are applied. We do sand down the repair ready for refinishing.
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Can you repair plastic water, heating oil and diesel tanks?

we repair tractor diesel fuel tanks

If the tank is made from a thermoplastic material and if we can access the damaged area then a repair should be possible. We do not repair cross-linked plastic tanks.

We regularly repair split, cracked, leaking diesel fuel tanks on construction plant, tractors and other agricultural vehicles. We do not repair plastic petrol tanks.
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Do you repair cigarette burns?

Yes we do. Over the last 25 years we have literally repaired hundreds, if not thousands, of cigarette burns in seats, carpets, door panels and head linings.

It's not always possible to achieve truly invisible repairs using this technique so we don't recommend it for very new cars. It is ideally suited to car owners wanting an inexpensive solution to an unsightly burn on an older vehicle, also for cars being prepared for sale or for lease/Motability cars being returned.
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