what are smart repairs

Smartfix offers its customers two different types of repair service, Smart Trim Repairs and Plastic Welding Repairs. These are described below.

Smart Trim Repairs

You've found the right place to save money on your car, van, motorcycle and boat repairs.

So, you are probably wondering what type of trim damage can be repaired using Smart Trim Repairs. Well, here are some examples of our recently completed Smart Trim Repairs showing the original damage followed by the finished repair.
We regularly repair the following:
Cigarette burns in seats, carpets & door panels
Interior plastic & vinyl trim
Door trim panel damage
Dashboard damage
Steering wheel damage
Vandal and theft damage
Damage & wear to leather seats
Cracked & scuffed textured bumpers
Cracked & scuffed textured door mirrors

You can see more of these images in detail with descriptions here Recent Smart Trim Repairs
Also see Smart Trim Repairs.
27 years experience in smart repairs

After 27 years of servicing the motor trade and insurance companies, we are now bringing the benefits of Smart Trim Repairs to the public.

Smartfix offers a mobile repair service covering North Wales and the Oswestry area. See Service Area for more details.

mobile repair service

Just see how mobile Smart Trim Repairs can benefit you:

  • Fast and professional service
  • Repairs at a place & time to suit you at no extra cost
  • Both interior and exterior repairs undertaken
  • Save money by not having to replace damaged parts

Plastic Welding Repairs

Our work is not limited to smart trim repairs in the automotive sector. We specialise in Plastic Welding which uses a different technique to smart repairs. We repair broken, split and cracked plastics in the industrial, insurance, agricultural, construction, marine and domestic sectors.

Need to know what type of damage to plastics can be repaired using Plastic Welding. Well, here are some examples of our recently completed Plastic Welding Repairs showing the original damage and the finished repair.

We regularly plastic weld the following:
Motorcycle fairings & panels
Water & diesel fuel tanks
Cracked car bumpers
Cracked car door mirror casings
Central heating tanks
Industrial plant & containers
Agricultural plant & containers
Custom gutter angles
Custom plastic fabrications

You can see more of these images in detail with descriptions here Recent Plastic Welding Repairs Also see Plastic Welding Repairs

We can also fabricate plastic items to your design. Replacing rusty or heavy metal parts with plastic fabrications can often be beneficial.

Repairing plastic items is much more environmentally friendly than replacing them.

Save money with Smart Trim Repairs

There's nothing worse than a worn or damaged seat to make a car look tired. Replacing seat trim covers used to be a very expensive business until Smart Trim Repairs arrived.

Just look at some typical savings that our customers have made recently by using us.

This table below shows the difference between the cost of a smart trim repair and the cost of new seat covers plus labour fitting charges.

savings table

we repair tractor diesel fuel tanks we weld damaged bike fairings let us fix your broken plastics help the environment, repair broken plastics